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Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2010 everyone !!

~Azam tahun baru akan di 'list' kan kemudian~


Smlm baru lah Sabiha,adik aku yg keja ddk bilik saja,keluar p Jaya Jusco beli macam2..padahal beli roti ja pun.cuma ada la beli sushi,chicken teriyaki n croquette.hehe.. Hari ni plak p Sogo after SSM.pkl4 baru p Sogo.b4 that singgah UO dulu tgk ada sale or x.Mmg ada Sale weh !!! P Sogo ada sale gak.hehe.apa lg.pakat beli 2 baju setiap sorg.hehe..

Bentou yg dijual.Teringin nak beli.
Yg ni x beli~
Tako Tao aka Takoyaki Malaysia
Makan kat Pizza Hut ( Sensasi Delight)
Sedap weh !!
Tetiba sikat ni patah.aku pun pelik~
Td after SSM dapat Pedometer ni.Dia utk record no.of steps.
Pkl4 smpi 7 lebih.4955 steps after shopping.kira active abes la tu.

Kuantan ,Pahang Darul Makmur

Sorry lambat post entry ni.xsempat.al maklumla,weekdays.paeds plak tu.HKL plak tu.mmg bz. Last weekend,i went to Kuantan to visit K.long n her family.Best sgt !! Dah lama x g Kuantan since Damia' was born ! Lgpun,suma family membes turun kuantan.Ala2 reunion pun ada.Celebrate birthday K.cik n kejayaan Shahida dpt 8A PMR.

Smpi2 trus g makan kat restoran Sara Thai,sedap gila sotong goreng tepung dia.Bulat cm donat plak tu.Lg sedap dr Tg.Lumpur wa ckp lu~ Pastu abih mkn,trus main ngan Damia' si budak busuk yg comel !! semakin besar + berat bila didukung.esp bila dia tidur time org dukung.bleh rasa berat dia tuh !! Haha..pdhl bru 4kg++.

G mcm2 tmpt,g East Coast Mall, pasar malam,Kuantan Parade,umah Kak Wani n mcm2 lg la.. Conclusion,klu free nnt bleh p lagi.Tp yg x bestnya lama la nk g sana,4 jam.Pdhl Kedah lg jauh kot,6 jam.hehe..alasan~

Tp... x sempat g Air Terjun sbb hujan.Klu x,mesti kita dh g n buat nasi lemak mkn2 atas batu,kan?? huhu..xpa la.len kali la... So tgk2 la gmbr kt sni,letih ni.xlarat nk cerita dah~
Abaikan tudung yg herot tu.
Gigam sekejap dlm kereta
Mula naik 'sheh'.hehe..
Pipi chubby,badan kecik~
Bila nk bleh p pasar malam ni? Ngantuk dah ni~
Tidur dgn baju baru dr Auntie Hidayah (-.-)
Mcm baby laki pun ada .hehe..
Suka men2 tgn~
Mmg 3 bulan~
Baby mulut kecik

Seminar lagi

Tgh prepare.sok ada seminar.td kami g jln2 beli brg kat Jaya Jusco.beli Sushi lagi la.apa lagi kan..

Esok mayb nk g Sogo plak.abeh duit bela Sabiha.hahaha..xla,ada lg duit.len kali la aku update eh.sgt2 busy.Case write-up xstart lg,pdhl kna submit next week !

knapa terlalu berani mati sgt ni?

Sbb ...

Bz la.minggu ni + 2 weeks lg posting kat HKL.kes tu la bz~

Productive and Proactive

Today is my last day in NICU.So I aimed to complete all the compulsory procedures to perform by today.Haha.. So these are what I got :

1) Postnatal Ward Round a.k.a Newborn Screening
2) Silverman Scoring

I managed to observe several procedures and to watch 2 babies got admitted,1 because of perinatal asphyxia secondary to prolonged PROM and the other one was due to .... (thought block tetiba)..

N in the afternoon,we had a teaching with Dr.Marina regarding Congenital Heart Disease. After that,we followed the ward round.

All in all, being posted in NICU mmg best !! ( 2 thumbs up !!)

Some of the cases :
-Imperforated Anus
-Recurrent hypoglycaemic attack
-Respiratory Distress Syndrome
-Undescended testis
-Hypoplastic Left Heart Disease
-Neonatal Jaundice
-Transient Tachypnoea of Newborn

N etc....

tak larat nk list out suma case yg ada :)

Sampai Syurga

Tgk la weh video ni.lawak gila.klu nk lebih lawak,tgk kat You Tube sbb ada caption skali.hahaha..


I think I should be wearing my glasses especially when I watch movies or doing anything involving my laptop.I notice that my eyes are becoming painful when I'm exposed to prolonged FB contact.haha..

Just came back from NICU,I had a teaching wt Dr.Shareena.Sgt best ok ! Very polite,helpful and humourous.Hehe..

Nothing to say.

Just please,don't watch Avatar.It's not worth it.For me la ~

I think this picture is interesting.I found it in NICU.Why are u still wondering y is it interesting?Clearly coz the name "Deco" is there.Simple.

I have become more addicted to FB and blogging.I can't proceed with my life (hiperbola) without reading anyone's blog in a day.That shows how much I'd spend my day doing nothing beneficial.Hmmm...

I can even surf the internet non-stop for nearly 4 hours !!


Tooth extraction

About 1 week ago,I had this toothache.The pain was so unbearable that I had to go to a private clinic instead of going to panel clinic in HUKM. I went right b4 a teaching and managed to join the teaching just on time.Luckily,the doctor involved didn't notice that I wasn't in NICU for about 1 hour.

And it actually took me approximately 10 minutes to go to the clinic.The clinic was luckily not congested wt patients.There were 4 patients when I arrived.And I was the 5th pt,obviously.And it took me less than 10 minutes for the consultation.When I laid down to be examined,the doctor just looked and tried to localize that tooth that was aching.She finally decided to get another appointment for tooth extraction.And for God's sake,it was the molar !!

And when I told my friend about this,some of them were surprised that the doctor wanted to extract that molar tooth.As far as I know,if the molar was to be taken away,it has to be replaced by denture (arghh..malu la muda2 pakai gigi palsu).Hish.ada ka patut?? (my personal opinion la)haha..

But then,when I went to the next appointment which was just now at 8.30 p.m (but I went there a bit late coz I wanted to pray first la) and met the doctor,she gave me 2 options,whether to extract the ugly tooth (not ugly truth !!) or to do multiple treatments which need multiple follow-ups and need multiple payments as well which cost me nearly RM600+++.After hearing that,I opted for the latter one,which was the Root Canal Treatment (RCT).And since I am a student, I will be covered by HUKM (gratis !) if I were to go to the Klinik Warga for treatment.Considering the money that I have,I chose to undergo RCT at HUKM so that all treatments will be free.

And while waiting 4 my turn just now,I managed to watch Kapten Kit which is a short form of Kapten Kitar Semula,I guess.Although it looked very childish and the storyline was way too absurd,but the moral values that need to be emphasized was there.Definitely,it was about that Kitar Semula thing la !

And there was this little boy who accompanied his father for dental extraction as well I guess.He sang :

" Ayah x ada gigi..Ayah x ada gigi " continuously

and I was only the one left outside.I wasn't able to control myself from laughing.But of course,I only laughed a little and in low tone.Ha ha.And he said so many things and I was nosy enough to eavesdrop on their conversation which was funny.Haha..

Forgot to tell you all,I was charged RM25 just for antibiotics,painkillers and ubat angin (lupa in English pggl apa) and RM10 for registration which equals to RM35 for just a 15-minute consultation during the 1st treatment(1 week ago).Haish,I guess that's why private doctors are wealthy ! If I knew that I was gonna get that,I would surely just take those pills from the ward.

Btw,I went to private clinic instead because I was told that if I were to get the treatment at Klinik Warga,they will classify first whether it is an emergency or non-emergency case.And if it's not,I will be put into their waiting list.At that moment,I could not endure the pain and decided to get a rapid treatment.That's the reason,to those who were asking !! hehe..And it turned out that they gave me antibiotics,which I can get from the ward ! haha..poor me~

Wishlists 2011

Sony Ericsson Satio

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 White

Blackberry 8820

Yellow Suzuki Swift with tinted window

Trus g melawat Barcelona <3

~Cukuplah yg tu dulu utk dibuat dlm masa setahun ~


Kenapa aku rasa makin malas setadi wpun cuti hampir 4 hari?? argghhh...tensen2..mcm2..

Aku rasa lebih seronok melayan FB,membaca blog dsb..

Masalahnya byk gila kot aku x baca lg.Nnt xbleh catch up plak kan.

Esok masuk NICU lg.Pastu next 3 weeks kat HKL.HKL dan HKL lagi..Takut weh !!

Sbb apa?

Sbb takut teaching dgn Prof W. Xpenah nk bleh present smpi habis sbb baru kat HOPI (History of presenting illness) dah dia komen mcm2.Tp dia suka mengajar.Tp agak stress coz dia expect kita tau semua benda.Mmg spttnya kami tau semua.tp contohnya bila ada yg dh lama x revise mesti la x igt kan..esp time pre-clinical yr.huhu..

Tp xpa,Prof suka mngajar !! tu yg best tu..


Logbook aku utk NICU pn blum penuh..sempatkah? dhla Khamis petang dah mau blk Kuantan.Nak bwk buku or x? haha..

P/s : crita Avatar x best mana pun.Igtkn Avatar yg Legend of Aang tu.Padahal Avatar cm yg YM tu.haha..

Congrats Asma menang no 3 SASBAND.K.ngah tgk time team Thailand b4 Asma n Asma ja.Pastu chow balik.hehe..


Rehat sekejap utk update activity..

Khamis petang - after Hanim SSM,kami gerak g Sogo.saja2,xbeli apa2 lg utk YES ni.hehe..Mar n Zatil p awal sket.pastu jmpa kat Maju Junction mkn2..Terlepas tgk bola.Seb bek own goal ja pun.haha..

Me n Hanim

Zatil & MarJgn order Spaghetti Thai ni weh, xsedap~

Jumaat a.k.a Maal Hijrah - ddk bilik ja,buat slideshow utk presentation seminar plak.Tgk filem ilmiah sket,Ketika Cinta Bertasbih.sbnrnya dh tgk sblm ni,tp xabes coz Indon dia pekat sgt.tp aku decide tgk jugak la semalam,klu x bila lg kan..Mlm plak buat nota study grup.rasa productive la sket kan.

Sabtu a.k.a hari ni- lecture Forensik mcm besa.3 lectures started at 9 a.m abes dlm 12.30 p.m.Menarik sbb Prof Shahrom.N yes !! ni adalah lecture last utk forensik..akhirnya Sabtu ku akan free balik pasni.Yeay~

Esok - Ntah.Study la kot.Mls nk kuar.

Lyn gmbar latest Damia'.membuatkan aku x sabar g Kuantan ja.


Doa Sempena Awal Muharram

Doa Akhir Tahun dibaca 3 kali pada akhir waktu Asar atau sebelum masuk waktu Maghrib pada akhir bulan Zulhijjah.

Sesiapa yang membaca doa ini, Syaitan berkata “Kesusahan bagiku dan sia-sia lah pekerjaanku menggoda anak Adam pada setahun ini dan Allah binasakan aku satu saat jua. Dengan sebab membaca doa ini, Allah ampunkan dosanya setahun”

Doa Akhir Tahun Hijrah

Doa Awal Tahun dibaca 3 kali selepas maghrib pada malam satu Muharram. Sesiapa yang membaca doa ini, Syaitan berkata “Telah amanlah anak Adam ini daripada godaan pada tahun ini kerana Allah telah mewakilkan dua Malaikat memeliharanya daripada fitnah Syaitan”.

Doa Awal Tahun Hijrah

Sumber: Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM)


Copy dr blog K.cik

Hehe..perdona me ( forgive me)..dh gtau k.cik pun~
Sila baca dr k.cik's point of view~

*click on the pic for bigger size*

Top from the left : Abah, Abg.Long, K.Long, Mak

Bottom from the left : Shahida, K.Ngah, Awa, Me, Sabiha

Missing In Action : Hadi

Abah is already old..hehe(nice way to introduce Abah). He is a retiree from TM. Abah always leaves us(my siblings and I) laughing out loud, literally, with his remarks and actions.I believe, he was the one who encouraged me to read English storybooks when I was small. I am very thankful to him for that.Really, I do.
Abah likes going to Giant almost every single day after he retired. Maybe it has got to do with the groceries that he buys to cook for lunch...hehe. I envy Abah because he cooks better than me. How come la abah can cook better than me, ha? But then, he has his quirks when it comes to cooking. For example, he adds clove when he cooks sardine.Hahaha...my aunt finds it really weird when she knows about that.
I plan to buy a whole lots of books for Abah. Inshallah...I'll start buying the book that he wants very much since 3 months ago by next week. Still on the quest to find it at other bookstores in Alor Star.

Mak is 10 years younger than Abah. She is a teacher in a primary school. Mak is small, but is superduperfantastic. She does a lot of works in the house and at the school, and she is currently busying herself with a perfume business. I'm very amazed and proud of Mak.
Like most mothers in this world, Mak nags a lot. Yes, we do get tired of hearing her nagging. But, we do know that she's doing that for our own good. Also, if we want to ask for permission to go out with our friends, we'll just go to her because she is less strict than Abah when it comes to the matter of going out of the house.
Mak is also very generous to us.Okay, maybe this is just applicable for me. Many times, I was told by her to fully use the money that she gave to me. That means, no giving back the change to her. Err...I don't know. I just feel guilty when I use too much of the money(even if it's rm10).

3.K. Long
Obviously, K.Long is the first child in our family. She is married to Abg Long since last year.She has a child, Damia' Rujhaa, aging 2 months. And btw, just to answer my friends' question, she is currently a student, majoring in Pharmacy in UIA. The same goes with her husband, only that he's majoring in Medicine.
In my personal opinion, K.Long is very very matured. If K.Ngah and I were to compare with her, she thinks and acts more rationally when she was a teen. That explains why she got married so early...hehe. K.Long is kind of strict, but she has the tendency to slack off in doing the house chores when K.Ngah is present.Well, I tend to slack off too when K.Ngah is at home. Heh, everybody does in the house...XD. Don't be mad okay, K.Long?

K.Ngah is one of the persons who laughs a lot in the house. The others being Sabiha and Shahida. K.Ngah is also a student, currently taking Medicine in UKM. She gives us incessant warnings to not to take medicine just for the sake of wanting to get rich or whatsoever other unreasonable reasons. Well, I must admit that she has so many to learn compared to what I'm learning in INTI(yeah,indeed !!!).

In her presence, I am inspired to do the house chores because she takes them seriously. I mean, she'd press the button of the washing machine in the morning, throws away the garbage and sweeps the floor. If she wants to ask for help, she asks decently. Heee~~Jangan kembang plak K.Ngah. K.Ngah is the one who instills the love towards football in me. However, she no longer watches football matches due to her demanding study hours. On a random note, she supports Barcelona.

3. Me

4. Sabiha
She's the most blurred person in the house in terms of techno stuffs. For God's sake, she doesn't even know the existence of myspace, facebook and online games. And of course,unlike me, she doesn't play games(except for mario...XD).She only participates in the real life games though; she's been participating in a lot of competitions held by the school. Because of her blurriness, we(as in Shahida and me) like to pull pranks on her...*evil laugh*.
Truth to be told, she's taller than me..huhu. But no worries. People still see me as the older one because of her childish, immatured behaviour...haha. She likes eating A LOT!! She's currently busy with SPM. I'm quite surprised to know that she's quite nerdy. Ya Allah, she revises almost everyday. From morning to night. Can't she even stop for half of the day? Meh, it provides the reason for her not to do house chores lah, so why bother?
Anyway, I'm secretly hoping that she's able to pass wonderfully in her exams. Inshallah...I have the belief in her because she has already surpassed me in her trial exam(11As,K.ngah is also proud of u !!). Go to Japan, Sabiha!!

The most compatible sibling ever. Basically, Shahida and I like the same thing. Surprise surprise, she's pretty helpful when I ask for help to do the house chores(again...when K.Ngah is not present)(tipu !! shahida suka tdo!!).She's currently waiting for her PMR result to come out. I promise to buy something for her(and myself) if she gets 8A's in her exam....ngeh3.
Shahida and I like pulling pranks on Sabiha. Plus, Shahida is a quick learner concerning games and techno stuffs. She can pass all the levels in game easily even if she just played the game for several hours(mmg pun,klu xbleh pass next level dlm any games,srh dia ni men,sure smpi habis game dia main~). So, all we do is to ask Sabiha to play a game (not mario of course) and by several minutes, we'd be laughing non-stop. Because of what? Because Sabiha doesn't even know how the game works. LOL...XD. Shahida and I are big meanie,aren't we? Well, it's fun.


Okay people!! This is the only male sibling that we have in our family.Presenting himself....HADI(the front one,okay?). Briefly, Hadi is lazy. Yes, he is. He likes asking us to do stuffs for him. Too bad, we like rejecting him. Anyway, Hadi is currently 10 years old. Like any other boys, Hadi likes Ben 10, football and cycling. Hadi had his circumcision last Sunday. He's been lying on the bed for almost 24 hours. Poor Hadi.
Hadi likes asking for my permission to play games in my laptop. Well, that's mainly because among those people in the house who have laptop, I'm the only one who downloaded games in my laptop.(count the word, laptop!!). Fuh, sometimes it gets irritating because he keeps playing the same game, famously known as FIFA 2010.
I want Hadi to grow up into a fine, soleh young man. I will not tolerate if Hadi were to try smoking or anything equivalent to it(mmg nk kena sekeh ngan K.ngah klu Hadi tries to smoke !! even Abah doesn't smoke).

6. Najwa
The last sibling of mine. We call her Awa. I think I was the one who suggested to call her that name. Awa is a year younger than Hadi and is studying in the same school as Hadi.Anyway, for some unknown reasons, Awa is very close with K.Long. I have yet to figure out why.In contrast to Hadi, Awa is quite diligent. I can always rely on her to get my things if I am too lazy to move from my comfort zone...XD.

For a nine year-old girl, Awa is quite stylish. Mak always buys nice clothes for her. Unfortunately, she tends to wear her nice clothe even when she's at home. Ish3..mmg tak patut. Awa used to be very blur during her early school days, but she turns out to be bright after all. Good job, Awa!!

All in all, I just want to say that I'm very very proud of you guys. We have different personalities, likes and dislikes, but yet we live in happiness.And, I am very thankful to Allah s.w.t for the family that I have. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah..

p/s : anyone who feels dissatisfied with my description?

Tengah rajen

Hihi..saja a nak update..ni hari ke-3 ddk kat NICU..alih2 ikut ward round,lunch,teaching,discuss2,gossip2 n etc..hehe..


Smlm plak Hans dok sibuk cerita ada kwn Prof bg dia Peppermint Tea yg sedap.apa lg,aku mintak a 1 sachet.nk try test uji kata org..tgk sedap or x..

So hari ni dia pn bwk la..aku blk trus buat teh n tgh mnum lg ni.hehe..xabes2 lg.Sedap a..rasa fresh sbb kandungan Peppermint dia tu kot..hehe..

Bahagian depanBahagian BelakangAda lgi ni..nak??
Ni la keja kwn2 aku time lunch break
Yg ni plak sibuk bergosip
Aku gak yg semangat study (^.^)

N tgk baby =)

P/s : yes..next week nk g Kuantan tgk Damia smbil jln2 mit meine Familie =)