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Sungguh rindu nak blog lagi

Salam semua.Apa khabar ?Sihat?

Lamanya tak berblogging.Selalu ja bkk blog org len,tp malas plak nak update yg sendiri punya.Hihi..

Sbbnya last 3 weeks ada dekat Hospital Teluk Intan.Kat rumah tak da wireless mcm kat kolej sini.So,mls nak g library utk update blog.Heee

Duduk Teluk Intan sgt best.Banyak benda blajar.Banyak tempat kami g makan (as expected).Nasib baik van driver baik2.Cuma utk 1st week,dpt van driver yg garang,so makan yg dekat2 dgn rumah saja.Huhu...

Banyak gambar nak update ni sbnrnya.Tp tu la,gmbr byk kat dlm HP or camera org lain.Tp enjoy ja la tgk gmbr mana yg ada skrg ni..

With our beloved supervisor in HUKM.Yg tak tangkap gmbr tak bermakna x sayang.Heee :D

Gambar di dlm OT berjemaah :P

Rakan sebollywood.Asyik nyanyi lagu Hindi dlm rumah.Hehehe..

Busy mendengar briefing dr coach Frisbee.Kami serumah mmg 'kuat' bersukan :D

Dan juga KUAT makan :)

Yummy 1

Yummy 2

Yummy 3

Okay.cukup2.Nanti termuntah plak.Byk gmbr makanan kat sini..

OKla.Mau lipat kain.Adios.

See u again :D



Just came back from seeing my dentist.

Microimplants were put underneath my teeth.3 screws weh ! Sakit gila.

Cried on the way back while driving.

Pain score 10/10.

Supposed to take analgesics after eating but unable to do that because this local anaesthetic effect is still there.So my lips are droopy and I can't eat properly.But i took 2 tablets of analgesics regardless of empty stomach..

This is how microimplants look like.But it's not my picture lah.



Hi sekalian

Lama tak update kan? Asal makan ja update.Asal update ja makan.Haaa..memang pun !

Okeh,tgk la gambar2 nih.Nak studiere ni.Daaa :)

Lokasi : Madam Lim's kitchen,Jaya Jusco Maluri
Harga : Standard and byk kuantiti.Sila pergi cepat !

Adios :P

Hatiku berbunga riang

Status facebook,twitter dan blog utk hari ni :)

1.A sincere smile from sameon.eh..someone.

2.A phone call to a cool,down-to-earth Dr.

3.A quick glance and chat with my registrar

Love being in colorectal team :)



25 random facts

I was tagged by my sister to do this post.I am required to give some random facts about myself.So,here we go :

1.When I was small,I used to be an excellent student.Well,I suppose that was because my primary school was a 'sekolah luar bandar'.There wasn't much competition at that moment,I suppose.I usually got no.1 or 2.Oh,yes,I got no.4 twice,since Buyon entered the school.But,I managed to outsmart him later.Hihi...Buyon jgn marah.

2.I used to read a lot too.I read while eating,which made my mom angry.We were trained to read a lot.I loved reading sirah nabi.I knew a lot of nasyeed songs as well.On our journey back to kampong,my elder sister and I used to sing nasyeed songs in our car,so we didn't need a radio. :D

3.I was so lazy in my secondary school,as opposed to when I was in primary school.During the lower form (that's what we called it),during my Form 1-3,I was so lazy to study.I didn't get good results often.But I still remembered when I first entered SAINA (I was the 2nd intake,b4 that I studied in Sultanah Asma for a few weeks),we had the very first exam.And I managed to get 90 marks for my science paper which was equivalent to one of the top students' result. :P

4.When I entered form 5,I realized the importance of studying and getting good marks.So,I studied smart and I got no.1 in my class and managed to get no.28 in the whole batch.That was something personal that I can be proud of . (don't get annoyed,I hardly studied,I told you).And I got a Silver Award for that achievement.One of my friends said,"I wonder why they give Silver Award to those with CGPA result of above 3.5".At that moment,I felt like saying,"I know u got Gold Award because your CGPA is 3.8 something".But I didn't say it of course.

5.I'm not surprised if my friends do not believe that I'm taking medicine now and going to become a doctor.I told you,I was not a brilliant student in the whole batch.I only managed to top to the second class only.But never mind that,I enjoyed my life in 5S a lot,thanks to the 'gila2-awesome-cool' students. Yeah,we rocked,didn't we?

6.I took German class during form 1 till form 4.Although it sounds like we have been studying German for 4 years,but we only had 1 class each week.And sometimes,we did not study the verb and all,instead,we played games and watched videos.2 of my friends in German class got the opportunity to go to Germany,fully sponsored.I felt so jealous that time.I wanted to go to Germany so badly and I still do.So,whoever wants to sponsor me to go to Germany,I am very pleased and will regard it as my birthday present.Hihi.. Aha ! I'm so happy that my lecturer here in PPUKM can speak Deutsch.I still enjoy speaking Deutsch with anyone,aber ich bin nicht so gut in Deutsch.I once met an attachment student aus Deutschland,we talked in Deutsch and she said that my pronunciation was great.Hehe..loved that mucho :D

7.If I were given second chance,I would probably still choose Medicine because I love this interesting field so much.I may not have the best answer for "Why do you do medicine?",but I certainly can tell you that although I regretted taking this course for quite several times,but I'm grateful that I chose this.Have I mentioned to you that I filled in Medicine as my top 4 courses in that list?You know which list that was,I don't wanna explain.

8.But still,I do have other ambitions as well.My first one is to become a doctor.2nd would be a chef.I love cooking so much,but it doesn't mean that all the foods I cook are delicious.I just love when people finish the foods that I cook.3rd one would be an interpretor.I love to learn languages.I even learned to speak Hangul and Spanish online.I love when I am able to pronounce each foreign word successfully.The 4th one would be an ambassador.When I was small,I always dreamed that I would settle down in a foreign country and live there till I die.But that's not gonna happen no more,I love my country more than other countries.

9.I went to Japan during my semester break in 3rd year and Hong Kong after 4th year.I'm proud to say that I spent my own money going there.Alhamdulillah,I think I am a great saver,don't you think? Haha..No,actually.Sometimes,I become shopaholic too when it comes to shoes. :P

10.My wishlist includes all of these : I planned to bring my parents for umrah after I work,actually we planned it together.I want to buy Suzuki Swift for my father,if possible.I want to build our home by using my father's floor plan.And there are some plans,which I intend to keep as surprises.

11.I get telangiectasia because of prolonged standing.I want to buy a super comfortable shoes which can absorb all the pressure and gimme strong legs.I know I cannot become a surgeon with weak legs like this.

12.I can't believe that it's only no.12.I thought I told you already most of the facts I usually tell others,but I have 13 facts left to tell.Pheww,that's quite a lot.Aha ! I love playing basketball.In my secondary school,I used to represent the school to PPM and few friendly matches.I still love this game,but I never had a proper basketball shoes like AND1 or anything similar.And I never had a real basketball for myself either.I guess I'm not yet a professional to own those things.Haha..

13.I used to jog a lot when I was in 3rd year.It all started when I have high blood cholesterol level which I tested during my public health posting.Haha..And now,I really feel so lazy to jog,but I have all the time to sleep.Hihi..

14.I don't know which specialty I'm gonna pursue later,because I love all postings I've entered.I once had this ambition of becoming a cardiologist,but when I heard that only gold medalists are able to become cardiologists,so I decided to back out.Haha..

15.Yes,I have 7 siblings.My elder sister is going to be a pharmacist.My 2 younger sisters are currently studying to become a nutritionist and a dentist.Actually,my older sister had a plan of joining our clinics together in a building,but it's not gonna happen because I found out that a pharmacist and a doctor can't share a building ( I learned this in Public Health posting too,it's according to law I think).

16.I love Westlife,Blue,Harry Potter,romantic comedy movies,America's Next Top Model and a movie entitled Taken.My group even made Harry Potter as our English project in the matriculation year.We had fun distributing questionnaires about 'How well do you know Harry Potter'.I had this obsession thanks to Abby.

17.What else I'm gonna tell you.Oh yes ! I love browsing online blog shops but I never bought anything.I just try not to overindulge myself with shopping,trying not to become a typical girl who shops aimlessly and excessively.LOL.No offense.

18.I always have this unpleasant feeling,I feel angry when people don't use their money wisely.I know I don't have the right to nag or whatsoever.But I feel annoyed when they spend their money on things they don't intend to buy and when there's no money left,they ask to borrow money from others.Don't you think these people are selfish?

19.I am a universal person.I am not racist.I love to listen to all types of songs,be it Hindi songs,English songs,nasyeed or just anything.I don't fancy Lady Gaga's songs,because they have some Illuminati influence which I learn from reading blogs.And I can befriend anyone,without having some racist thoughts on my mind.

20.I don't like politics.Plus,I personally think that every country needs to have its own government and opponent parties.What's so wrong with having an opponent who criticizes your wrongdoings? I believe that we are mature enough to vote for the party that we like without being influenced by anyone else,including our parents.But still,my vote is a secret.

21.This is something I would I agree on," The longer you befriend anyone and when you know his/her true colours, you'll ask for new friends".

22.I know my English is not so good,but at least I'm trying.I'm jealous with those who were born in English-speaking countries.I also wanna speak fluent English ! Hihi...

23.I am planning to go to US,UK and tour around Europe,if time permits.Besides,I also need lotsa money.I wanna be a billionaire,so freaking bad.Lalalaa....

24.I failed every time I put Nuffnang ads.I have the account,but I just don't know how to put the ads on my blog.Anyone wants to offer help?

25.I really really really really hope that my friends and I will pass the professional exam in March 2011 with flying colours,or in other words,with distinction.Amin.

I guess that's all for now.Gonna have to study to pass the exam ain't I? Ok,tschuess.Mach's gut.


Hari Raya Aidiladha

Salam again people.Now it's time to celebrate raya,eh,celebrated already.Hihi..

On that day,we went to perform solat sunat at Masjid Alam Damai,Cheras.We parked the car in front of Prof Har's house though we weren't sure whether she was around.Then,we quickly got into the mosque.There were so many people gathered to perform solat jamaah.It was indeed a peaceful morning.

After performing the prayer,we waited till other people went down the stairs to go home.Then we met Prof Har who then invited us to stop by her house.We were more than eager to accept her invitation.

We got to eat free and halal food.This was actually my first time to celebrate raya in KL.I never had this chance before.We ate so many things,from ketupat,lemang,lontong,rendang ayam yg enak,kerepek,karipap kecik and more foods :D

I felt like I was home at that time.With lots of delicious foods,who can just neglect the invitation kan?

So here are the foods that we ate.And I included some photos of people too.

When we came back,we saw people whom I believe PPUKM staffs slaughtering the cows for qurban.There were 8 cows.After watching the ceremony,we went back and prepared for what we have planned.We did some cooking together.We cooked delicious pasta,cucur udang Adabi,french fries and few more foods.We ate so much that I had to pass motion twice.LOL.

In the afternoon,the people who were involved in qurban divided the meats to those who were there.And they cooked the meat too.We got soup of course.I ate most of the food prepared that day I think.Hihi...

Unluckily,my friend hasn't uploaded the qurban pictures yet.So I guess I'll update the pictures later kay?

p/s : I just came back from watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.It was magnificent,well-plotted and incredibly shot.I'm not gonna give spoilers here.My friends won't like that,kan? ;)

So,have you watched Harry Potter and his friends? If No is your answer,quickly grab your phone and book your tickets.It'll worth every penny you spend,trust me.I give it 5 stars :D


Posting Surgery

As what I've told u,I'm currently in surgical posting.Loads and loads of new topics to be read!Arghh...

I'm currently under Colorectal team.Here in PPUKM,we have only 2 wards for surgery,1 for female and another for male.And all of the surgeons are divided under teams i.e colorectal,hepatobilary,vascular,endocrine and breast and minimally invasive surgery(MIS).

Cases covered under colorectal team include colorectal cancer (of course),inflammatory bowel disease,intestinal obstruction,hemorrhoids,anal cases e.g. fistula-in-ano or anal warts and many more.As the name suggests,we cover all cases related to the bowels,small and large bowels.

So far,I'm in the second week of the posting.I'm so glad to be in the team,really.The surgeons here are too nice to the students,especially the final years.I guess they are treating us like their junior colleagues.

Last week,in the first week,our schedule was filled with a lot of seminars and workshop,phewww..It was so tiring,you know how seminars are handled,do you? All we do was listening to lectures aka seminars which were mostly presented by us.

So,here we are in the 2nd week.On the first day,Monday,we had scope for our team.So we observed colonoscopy and also oesophagogastoduodenoscopy (OGDS).Actually,during our 3rd year,we were also exposed to this scope thingy.The new specialists were so eager to teach us.Luckily,one of them was our super senior,MD UKM :P

And on Tuesday,we had clinic.As what the senior consultant of our team told us,the final year students are required to see follow-up cases and leave the new cases for 3rd year students to clerk.We joined Mr.L in his clinic and were able to get teachings while running the clinic with him.We were given the opportunity to see patients and talked to them just like other doctors did.In the clinic,some of us did the per rectal examination.But my turn did not come.Never mind,maybe next time I can do it again.During my 3rd year,I had only few chances to do that.Thanks Mr.L :)

Then we proceeded with on-call.There were 2 cases coming in that night and one of them was a case of acute appendicitis.So we went in for OT and stayed there till midnight.It was so tiring,we stood there for more than an hour because the appendix was deep seated and located at the pelvic.And I scrubbed in and assisted only during first few minutes of the operation.Then,hands off dah because one registrar came afterwards to assist.

And on Wednesday,we were off ! So off we go for solat sunat hari raya to Alam Damai,Cheras.I'll tell u the story later,in another post.

And on Thursday,we had OT.There were 2 cases for OT yesterday.The first case was enterocutaneous fistula,patient undergone small bowel resection.And the 2nd case was rectal cancer.And the surgeons performed ultra-low anterior resection of the rectum with permanent colostomy.I got more telangiectasia just by prolonged standing during ward rounds and operation hours.The 2nd operation lasted at 8 p.m. and it actually started at 1.50 p.m.Pheww..luckily we went back at 5 p.m.

And today,we had OT too but we also had teaching with Mr.L.So after the teaching session,we went to see the operation.The patient who was tested positive for retroviral disease,had multiple recurrent anal warts due to his homosexual activity.Huhu...

Then,we went in to see the operation.Mr.Z was kind enough to switch on the camera-cum-TV for us to watch from outside.Because the approach was through the anus,it was a little bit difficult for us to see how the operation done.And he showed us the anoscope and anal dilator,in case it comes out in our professional exam later.

All in all,I just want to say,I really love being in colorectal team.I got many chance to get closer to the patient.

p/s : I encountered 2 homosexual patients within 1 week,presented with anal warts and anal fissure.What's happening to the world? Aigoooo...

p/p/s : We are asked to present the updates for our patients everyday,so my time in the hospital is longer than in my own room.Every night,I have to go to the ward to update their progression.Penat owh..


Jalan2 posting

Lagi sekali.Tiap2 kali habis posting mesti makan dgn geng kat luar.Umpama celebrate la,tp celebrate apa pun tak tau.Hihi...

Seronok gak makan kat sini.Kami makan kat Madam Lim's kat JJ Maluri.Sedap,murah dan cepat ! Servis bleh bg 98% la.Okla tu kan,dah A dah tu.

Hmm..tgk gmbr ja la.Penat plak nak berceloteh.

Meh nak kenalkan sorg2.

This is Tinesh

Gym and Muzu'

Muzu,Mar and Nisah

Nisah,Zoi,Zatil,Tinesh,Gym and Muzu

Fuhh..penat gila mengupload.Hihi...


p/s : Gym,sila copy image.

Salam Aidiladha

Kepada semua umat Islam.

Banyak sgt benda nak update,tp xberapa sempat.Kena tunggu weekend la k,macam biasa.

Sekarang tgh posting surgery,under colorectal team.Busy tapi syiokkkkk sgt :P

Oklah,selamat berkorban ya semua ;)

Nnt kita cerita banyak2 k~

I love my dentist

Yeah,really.I enjoy going to dental appointments.Because my dentist is super nice ! And he is very gentle,talkative and friendly.

Plus,my dental clinic offers much much cheaper price for its services as compared to other clinics.It's a lot cheaper u know.For example,for Root Canal Treatment or better known as RCT,they only charge you rm350 instead of rm500-600 per tooth.

Not to forget,his assistants are super nice too. I get a lot of gifts every time I buy new toothbrush.Not to mention,the toothbrush sold here is cheaper than in other supermarkets :)

Let's see what I got today :P

I just bought the interdental brush as seen on the far right side.And I got a lot of extra mini gifts.

I loikkkkeeee :P

Spaghetti hunting in France

Currently in the mood of hunting the best spaghetti in town !!

Let's see what I had for dinner.Time taken will remain a secret.

And of course strawberry ice-cream as dessert.

Conclusion : Worth the money we spent.Much better than Secret Recipe's spaghettis :)


Entri berilmiah

FAST...cara mudah kenali tanda strok.

:: Stroke ::

Yummy :)

Jangan tertipu dgn gambar di atas.Tak sedap pun ! Pizza Hut punya lg sedap~


Seminggu di Teluk Intan ,again!

Salam semua.Salam 1 Malaysia.Hehe..

Nak cerita skit psl kehidupan di Teluk Intan yg best tu.Aku p sana utk smbung posting medicine selama 1 minggu kat sana.

Bertolak ke sana pkl10.30 pg,sebelum tu,sempat disapa oleh dekan yg kebetulan berada di situ.What a great start ! Haha..

Then sampai sana dlm pkl12+ la,terus singgah pekan kat menara condong tu and lunch kat situ.Sedap weh,beza dgn kat sini ! Hihi..cukup rasa ! Tiada Ajinomoto ! I like ! :P

Then,settle suma benda kat umah and malam tu g Giant membeli-belah.Syok sgt duduk sana sbb ada rumet yg best,sporting,tidak berkira,rajin.I like !

Pastu esok tu g briefing kat byk tmpt kat HTI tu,makmal jantung,klinik dada etc.Perghh...penat gila mendengar,ngantuk pn ada.Sampai tengah hari plak tu,tu pun x abih lg..Then,ke wad 4a,4b,2c dan 2d pulak.Wad tingkat 2 tu wad lelaki,wad 4 pulak wad pompuan.Bersyukut dpt grup yg rajin,keja mengclerk patient and buat physical examination aja.Plus,patient kat sana ramai gak cakap utara.Apa lg,seronok lg la aku menyembang a.k.a clerk patient dlm bahasa ibunda.Malam 1st kat hospital dah on-call.Semangat nak present case sbb kat HUKM xdpt chance utk present on-call.Aku dh 2 kali on-call kat HUKM,tp yg 1st tu MO yg present trus,xsempat dah.Then,yg 2nd on-call plak seminar abis lmbt,pkl6 lbh.Sampai A&E pun Dr dah round.Isk.isk..Nak buat cmna,suma dpt hari Rabu.Tp xpala,xkisah pun.First day tu,ptg tu ada teaching a.k.a mini-cex wt Dr.Lam.2 org kawan aku present.

Malam tu plak makan kat Diwanis mcm biasa.Esok tu plak (2nd day)smgt pagi2 g makan nasi lemak kat kantin dia.Murah weh,byk betul nasi,telur separuh baru rm1,teh o ais plak 70 sen ja.Mana nak dpt murah cmtu kat KL ni..Then,g wad mcm biasa and ptg tu plak ada teaching dgn Dr.Lim.Haa.time ni aku present utk mini-cex.Seronok sbb dah abis 2 mini-cex time ni.

Then,esok plak ada seminar kat HUKM,tp petang.Huu..byk plak kelas cancel.Then,malam tu on-call again.Time ni smgt clerk new admission sbb nak present kat Dr utk mini-cex on-call plak.Dr dah janji nak assess.But then,mlm tu ada patient collapse.Suma Dr pun busy gila smpi la on-call kami tamat.Huuu..sedih weh,seharian tak balik.Malam tu blk mandi trus tido.Penat owh !

Pastu esok tu plak hari Khamis kami pun mengejar Dr utk buat mini-cex utk yg clerk on-call tu.Tp apakan daya,semua pun busy.Takpa lah,petang tu ada teaching dgn Dr.Lam lg.Suma dah abis buat mini-cex HTI punya.Semua pun gembira.Hihi..

The next day a.k.a the last day,finally ada jugak Dr yg assess kami utk on-call.Banyak gak kena tegur and Dr ajar byk ! Seronok sgt.Aku present case Systemic Lupus Erythematosus a.k.a SLE.Time aku clerk adik tu,mmg kesian tgk,obvious gila malar rash.Tp tu ok lg,bukak mulut ada byk oral ulcer on the hard palate.Arghhh,xleh byg betapa sakitnya.Aku ni kalau ulcer kat oral mucosa pun sakit benor dah.Tp bila ditanya,adik tu rileks ja ckp xsakit.Eh,ya lupa pulak.Hihi...

Byk case yg seronok kat sini.Ada patient HIV,presented with rashes,claimed that it's due to antibiotic yg dia amik.But then,after tgk tiket,rupanya Kaposi's sarcoma.Seronok sbb diagnosis betul.Hihi..Belajar byk la.Then,ada skali tu,time nak balik dah ptg tu,xigt hari apa,tiba2 ada sorg patient ni gasping dahsyat gila,dia ada lung collapse.Pastu dia mmg on nasal prong,then Dr bg neb tp xberfungsi plak.Kalut gila lah,last2 bagi high-flow mask.Bygkan time dia gasping tu,spO2 dia hanyalah 40% !!!! Then,lps bg high-flow mask bru naik jd 76% and 88%.Balik rumah mlm tu,aku dok risau apa yg jadi dgn uncle tu.Nasib bek esok tu tgk2 dia ada lg kat wad tu.Fuhhh..alhamdulillah !!

Actually byk lg nak berceloteh,tp masa xmengizinkan sbb nak betulkan case report diet plak.Ok,till then,adios ! :)

Nasi+nugget byk gila+labu 3 ketul = RM1.60

Nasi + Telur goreng+hati 2 ketul+labu 3 ketul = RM1.90

p/s :Ni la punca aku seronok duduk HTI.Hihi..Mana nak dpt nasi harga seringgit lebih mcm ni.

The Difference

Previously :


-Roti bakar/sapu marjerin Daisy 2 keping

-Baked beans

-Jus Oren Twister/Air soya/ Air milo


-Nasi ayam/Bihun sup/Kue teow sup

-Air kosong


-Roti bakar/sapu marjerin Daisy 2-3 keping

-Air milo

Physical activity : Jogging tasik 2 rounds/day for 5-7 days/week

Feeling : Healthy and energetic

Currently :


-Kuih karipap/burger malaysia/keria/popia @ roti canai/roti telur

-Air kosong


-Nasi lauk ayam/ikan plus sayur/kentang/bergedil

-Air kosong/air bergula


-Nasi berlauk/Bihun goreng/Kue teow goreng basah/Fast food

-Air bergula spt teh ais

Physical activity : None,except for exercising on the bed in the evening

Feeling : Dumb and Lazy

Net changes : + 3kg

Conclusion : I wanna go back to the good old days when I used to jog a lot ! I need my coach back !


Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar & Datin Dr. Halina Yunos - The Astronaut's We...


Simple yet meaningful


Looking for these

Setiap semester pasti ada target baru utk beli baju atau barang2.

Utk semester ni,dah lama aku teringin nak beli 2 menda ni.

Malas nak gitau actually,satg ada la org mengaku nak beli jugak.Tau dah.Haish.

Tapi,tak tertahan lg.Nak gitau jugak.

Hah,amek tgk nih :D

Haaa...nak kaler mcm ni la.Ehem,tgk kaler ya.Jgn tgk body.Haha..

Haaa..nak mcm ni ! Tp light blue,ada tak?

Tapi bukan mau beli sekarang pon ! Jom buat kes tulis atas.Bubbye :P

Ada sesiapa nak tlg belikan x? :P


The Astronaut Wedding Presentation



This is an outdated entry.Why outdated?

Sbnrnya ingatkan nak update on that day jugak.tp xterdaya la sbb gambar tak ada.

Time ni,ada budak batch kami kawen kat Rawang.Suma pun pakat2 konvoi.
Ni org 2nd yg kawen dlm bacth kami.

Best gila p kenduri.Lama x makan nasi minyak.Dahla nasi,lauk ayam berempah,daging masak hitam,acar buah dia suma sedap.Panas plak tu.Then makan plak rojak buah n bubur caca.Semua sedap.

Plus,ada booth ice cream lg.Nak amek kena ada kupon.And aku amek kupon 2 kali.Yeay ! Haha..Kalah budak2.

Tp tu lah...

Gambar xdak.Semua pakat tak bawak kamera.Owner SLR plak x p sbb on-call.Sedih ooo...Gambar ada sbnrnya,tp amek guna kamera Prof kami.Pinjam sat.Prof tak upload pun.

So,maknanya entry ni xdak la gmbr.Bosan.Dull.

Bosan kan entry ni? Aku pun tgh malas2 ni.Nak lipat baju lah ! OK,bye.

p/s : Sapa rasa entry ni bosan angkat tangan . Saya!

Banyak benda nak update nih

Memandangkan malam ni quite free sbb xdak study grup,maka aku pun bersemangat la utk update byk2 sket.Lgpun ada yg tegur blog lama tak update.Tak sangka ada jugak yg concern.Hihi..

Ok,kita nak start dgn yg mana satu dulu eh.Nak cek balik kat mana kita tertinggal hari tu.

Haaa..meh sket nak cerita.Every weekend sampai last week aku berterus-terusan bertandang ke open houses kawan2.Bukan apa,nnt next yr xbleh dah buat cmni.Ah,alasan.Ckp ja la nak makan free kan senang.Hikhik :x

Hari tu g open house kat rumah kakak Syed,boss aku.Ya lah,boss la.Sbb dia ketua batch kami.Aku plak penolong,so aku mcm assistant boss la konon kan.Hihi...

Kakak dia baik oh,dah la cantik,lemah lembut,suka sembang plak tu.Nak tau sapa kakak dia? Haaa...tgk la previous post.Yg ddk sebelah aku tu lah.Aku kan berbaju biru time tu.Kenal tak? :D

Pastu last week aku n kawan2 attend open house kawan kami dkt Keramat,dkt ja.Tp gambar ada dlm kamera dia la...Kenyang gila dah la sambut birthday lg.Dpt makan kek choc indulgence and butterscotch.

Then,nak g umah sorg lg kat Bangi.Naik la KESAS highway.Time odw jalan tu aku rasa berat semacam ja.Pastu park la kereta tepi jalan.

Konon2 nak cek sendiri la kan,siap cek air,minyak hitam apa suma.Mcm ok,tp before keta mati tgh jalan tu ada bau hangit sket and ada asap kat hand brake.My Gosh !

~Muka tgh call abah tp sempat lg senyum~

Haha..ada kereta tunda lalu,pastu kami ckp la bukan rosak just panas ja.Then dia ckp ok and jalan.Kalau dia tunda keta,maka abis tertunda jugak la duit aku kan.Atau pun nama lain dia melayang lah duit.Wuuu..xsanggup..

Then,ada lg org lalu kat seberang jalan.Dia naik moto dgn kawan dia,plus dia berlari2 ke arah kami.Kami yg pompuan ni takut la.Seb bek ada budak laki tumpang keta 2 org.Sorg malay,sorg India.Bleh la nego dgn lelaki India yg berlari ke arah kami ni.Then,kami try jalan after dah agak sejuk keta tu.

Pastu sket lg ja nak sampai tol,kereta mati plak skali lg.Malu skali lg.Haha...seb bek sempat ke tepi sket b4 dia mati,then tak la block org yg nak queue byr tol tuh.

Tiba2 ada plak mekanik mai tgk apa yg tak betul.Rupa2nya ada plag yg loose,then dia rapat kan la,kira mcm cantum supaya ada connection blk dgn engine tuh.Ntah,aku pn tak reti bahasa engineering dia cmna.Heh..Pastu dia ketatkan hanya dgn menggunakan getah putih yg kalau masuk Mydin kena ikat beg plastik kita tuh.Haaa..betul ! Dia guna yg tu lah.B4 that dia cuba cantum dgn gam gajah yg hanya berapa rm shj tu,tp fail.So that,dia guna getah putih tu..

Tau tak dia caj berapa?

RM 80 !!

Mahal kan?

Makan duit betul! Last2 after negotiate dapatla rm50.Tu pun mcm dah risau dah kami pun.Malas cari gaduh,terus bayar and blah.Mcm Touch and Go lah.Elok sgt dekat dgn toll.Bagus~

Okay,cerita yg ketiga adalah ttgh posting di HKL.Skrg kan aku tgh posting Internal Medicine,so kena p HKL for 2 weeks.HKL sgt crowded okay.1 wad 60 patients.Tp sgt seronok sbb patient dia suma ada positive findings.Mmg yg tahap massive splenomegaly,etc2..Malas nak berceloteh panjang.

Tp tu lah,panas dan lenguh kaki sbb seharian dr pkl 8.30 pg smpi pkl4++ berdiri.Clerk pt pun berdiri sbb tak byk kerusi.Lupa nak cakap houseman sgt ramai.Hihi...

Tp kafe dia sedap ! Tu lg advantage posting kat situ.Plus,supervisor kami sangaaaaattttt baik orgnya.Suka mengajar ! Dr,please join teaching hospital,PPUKM jom,nak?


With our beloved supervisor.

Oklah,malas nak manic sgt utk update kali ni.Till then ya,tschuess :)